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Fill Your Practice With Your Ideal Clients [Consistently] In:

What if you didn't have to give up your freedom or income to do what you LOVE?

Step away from your 9-5 and step into your legacy...with love.

Dear Heart-centered Coach,

If you’re like any of the hundreds of entrepreneurs I’ve worked with over the years,

I’m gonna guess you:

: Feel kinda-sorta trapped in a job you don’t love because you need the money (for gas, for groceries, for excessive amounts of green tea – I don’t judge).

: Scaled the corporate ladder in Louboutins (or Keds, if that’s more your style) in record time, and you’re starting to feel like you’ve done all there is to do

: Know you’re too smart, way too savvy and waaaay, waaaaay too comfortable to ever make a real difference in your current position

: Are (possibly) overworked, (probably) overwhelmed and DEFINITELY over wasting your brilliance building someone else’s business, when what you really want is to grow your own.

So, here’s what’s happening

You’ve always had a burning desire to help people and now you know without a doubt you have a unique message to share.

You’ve put everybody else first for what feels like forever, and you’re itching to really do that one thing that lights YOU up.

And with your running list of remarkable achievements in corporate, you thought launching a business would be a total (cup)cake walk.

But you just. can’t. make. it. happen.

The clients? They trickle in, or inquire and then totally disappear.
The cash? Not exactly anything to write home about.
And your confidence? It’s fading….fast.

It’s not fun feeling like you’re trying SO hard to make something work and not seeing the results.

I understand!

So, tell me, how incredible would it be to turn it all around – to actually get real, dream clients lining up (and paying well!) for the services you oh-so-lovingly created just for them.

Seriously though:

: What if you really can leave a distinct mark on the world, make (more than) enough money for your family to live comfortably and still have time to catch up with girlfriends every weekend at your fave brunch spot?

: What if “making a difference” isn’t actually secret-code for “being dirt poor”?

: And what if (more) freedom and (more) funds really ARE right at your (perfectly-polished) fingertips and you’re actually just making everything harder than it has to be?


There IS a way to create a movement of paying clients fast so that you can build a profitable practice with a phenomenal impact that makes you proud.

And – I’m about to tell you allllll about it. ;)

(You totally saw that coming, didn’t you?)

I had my first $15,000 month, landed 2 coaching clients and secured my first speaking engagement!!

Ayesha Rodriguez, Success Coach for Moms


LAUNCH AND LIVE: for female coaches, and wellness practitioners ready to build their dream (freedom-based) business and create a tribe of paying clients.

This home study program was lovingly-created just for coaches and wellness entrepreneurs with new-ish businesses and a deep desire to make an incredible income and impact working with their ideal clients and creating a following they LOVE.


During Launch & Live, you will learn how to find your ideal fans using the online space, create processes to consistently sign high-paying clients and most importantly, put your business systems on automatic so you can bring in the funds you desire, while keeping the freedom you deserve.


:Become the leader of a movement you enjoy leading even if you are a brand new entrepreneur and coach

: Find and Sign Your Dream Clients – even if you have no clue where to look

: Create More Freedom In Your Life – even if you’re still grinding away at a 9-5

: Make More Money – even if you haven’t pulled in a penny

After 30 days of online training you’ll have an unshakable foundation for your DREAM freedom-based business...and be that much closer to changing the world (and creating sustainable wealth) over WiFi.

(It’s cool. You can thank me later. ;) )

Once you learn the gotta-know strategies shared in Launch & Live, you’ll be able to spread your message with integrity.

And as for all that extra time you’ve just freed up?

You can spend it doing what you really love – like, ahem, serving your (amazing) clients, creating incredible content people will gush about and/or picking up fresh produce at the farmer’s market.

So, if you’re all about:

*Unstoppable profits

*Irresistible Confidence

*Life changing work

*Priceless Freedom


"Safiyah, you helped me get CRYSTAL clear on my target audience so that I could write copy that attracts my ideal clients. The LBD statement in Launch and Live helped me find the language that I now use for my speaking engagement proposals and blurbs. Thank you for giving me the confidence to talk openly and comfortably about what I do, why I do it, and who I do it for."

"Landed 2 clients in 24 hours"

Adama Hamadi (Confidence Coach)

Launch and Live

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Launch & Live is like an online {heart centered} MBA just for smart, savvy coaches (but with a much smaller price tag).

Each lesson will support women coaches in creating a following in the most feminine way and learning step by step strategies of what to do and say to activate a YES in your ideal clients so that they can get the support from you that they need.


“I quit my job, filled my yoga class and landed a bonus private client!"

Heidi Walt, Yoga Instructor & Wellness Coach



: Women service providers (coaches, consultants, creatives, designers)

: Women obsessed with service AND freedom

: Legacy-builders and empiresses-to-be

“THANK YOU so much Safiyah!!!

Your support means so much and thank you to this amazing community of sisters!!!! Since I signed up for Launch and Live my business has skyrocketed! In 6 WEEKS I have made more money then I have in 6 YEARS of coaching!!!! And beyond the money, YES, it is true, I am working with my IDEAL clients!

My ROI has proven that investing in high quality support (Safiyah & her brilliant programs) comes back 10 fold and beyond! After working with Safiyah, I am now enrolling ideal clients regularly, have created irresistible coaching programs + have never felt more supported to keep living my dreams!”

Dana Regan – Life Coach & Yoga Retreat Leader


You’ve got high heels + higher standards.

It’s time your budding business had the high profits + impact to match.


: ACCESS TO THE EXCLUSIVE LAUNCH + LIVE MEMBERSHIP SITE filled with video lessons grounded in feminine business and leadership for coaches.

: LIVE Office Hours With renowned entrepreneur and coach Safiyah in The Secret Facebook Group

: PRE-RECORDED AND DOWNLOADED CONTENT so you can learn on your time in whatever way you like it


Your Instructor

Safiyah Satterwhite M.A, A.B.D
Safiyah Satterwhite M.A, A.B.D

With a background in building multiple seven and six figure socially conscious movements - academy founder - Safiyah - has coached new traditional and non traditional doctors, online movement leaders, women in wellness, life, leadership, relationship, health and business coaches in making deep shifts in their personal habits, beliefs and lifestyle in order to build their business with confidence, have a greater impact, increase their income and create a deeply fulfilling life. Recieve priceless mentorship and top training by jumping on board.

Class Curriculum

  2.4 Month Two Week Three Marketing Masterclass
Available in days
days after you enroll
  3.2 Month Three Week Two
Available in days
days after you enroll
  3.3 Month Three Week Three Your Money Needs
Available in days
days after you enroll
  3.4 Month Three Final Week Of Content
Available in days
days after you enroll


There is NO need to continue to work like crazy to find clients who “get” you.

Launch and Live was designed to teach you exactly what to do and how to do it.

And we pinky-promise that if you put the content in this program into action, you can stop:

: Thinking about staying in the 9 - 5 you hate because you don’t believe you’re capable enough to create your own business

: Not reaching the people who most need your voice (trust me, they’re out here!)

: Being overworked and underpaid

: Just feeling downright frustrated!

You deserve to succeed. You deserve to Launch & Live.

So…are you ready to say YES, to really living?

Frequently Asked Questions

What if don't have time to finish the program in 30 days - I am still in my 9 -5.
Everything inside the program is recorded and downloadable so you have access to the material for a full year. Which means - if your schedule is super packed this season, but you want to make sure that you take advantage of the rate - you are 100% cleared to join us!!
Do I need a degree to enroll?
We are here to support you towards fulfilling your calling as a coach regardless of your background and experience level.
How quickly can I get access to the program, do I have to wait a few weeks to start?
During this enrollment period, as soon as you enroll - you start! =)
Do I need a coach for this? Can't I do this on my own?
Of course you can, and from one recovering ambitious woman to another you might even be able to figure it all out. But why would you? By investing in your training, personal and professional development you are making a statement to the world and your clients that you are highly trained and believe in getting support.

"With the increased visibility and exposure I gained by following the systems in Launch and Live, I saw an increase in speaking engagements and live events from people "who saw me online". This led me to being booked for over 7 live events in 8 months and clients from those events."

MEGAN ADERELE, Business Coach

"Define success on your terms, achieve it by your rules, build a life you’re proud to live.” – Anne Sweeney


Wondering how much to step into your new role as thought leader, tribe builder and master coach?

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